LOK SHAKTI MANCH - Empower, Transform & Change

People from many slums of Delhi have been forcibly evicted and relocated to undeveloped areas on the outskirts which lack even the most basic facilities such as running water and electricity. Lok Shakti Manch has made the people of Bhalaswa a platform to represent their causes with the govt., and fight for their human rights. Lok Shakti Manch, largely comprised of women and youth, has found success in forcing the government to recognize their needs and demands. They have even managed to spread out and help people from other slums in Delhi. Prior Lok Shakti Manch, it was known as Bhalaswa Lok Shakti Manch which was started in 2008 combating for the basic living rights for the residents of Bhalaswa, a resettlement colony in Delhi. A lot of development activity has been done in Bhalaswa which includes but not limited to government office visits, protests/demonstrations, networking meetings with other organizations, as well as running a children’s library in Bhalaswa to serve as a community focal point. Securing land and education related rights of residents of Bhalaswa. BLSM has successfully been able to convince the government to let resettled kids transfer to local schools instead of having to travel many miles to their old schools. Government office visits and protests organized by BLSM have led to the development of basic infrastructure like clean water, etc in Bhalaswa. BLSM is also actively networking with folks living in other slums that are about to be resettled. Bhalaswa is one of the resettlement colonies for the people displaced from slums in Delhi. 
Vision and Mission


Our vision is to bring a social emancipation by empowering the poor to demand for their Human rights. Letting the people understand their democratic rights by challenging all the social issues.


In order to fulfill the vision, Lok Shakti Manch combats for the basic living rights of the people through various networking meetings with other organization, public meetings, and mobilization and by seeking information through the right to information.